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ancient egypt

otherwise known as LadyBlackwell

[Challenge 4] A Lesson In Power
ancient egypt
Title: A Lesson In Power
Author: Arostine/LadyBlackwell
Word Count: 250 (two and a half drabbles, but I figured it'd be OK since we haven't had anything here in forever).
Rating: T
Pairing: none
Author's Note: Set about a year pre-Battle City.  Malik is a bad bad boy.

Malik is a murderer many times overCollapse )

Thief & Citron Recommendations
ancient egypt
Here is another rec list, since the Malik-fic one I made last month seemed to be well-received.  Fics on this list are well-written Thief/Torn/Citronshipping in which Malik is not weak, submissive, etc, because I know that's a trope a lot of us are tired of. :)  I didn't include LK's fics because even though they meet all these criteria and more, I figure everyone has already read them.

All these fics are housed on FFNet because, pit of voles or not, it is my home. x)

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Late Night Wikipedia Shenanigans reveal Ancient Mesopotamian Thiefshipping ;)
ancient egypt
This is the Burney relief.  It depicts the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex.

The thing she's holding? It's called the rod-and-ring.


Because I felt you needed more crack in your lives, flist |D

Ishtar Drabble- Where Loyalty Lies
ancient egypt
Title: Where Loyalty Lies
Word Count: 200 (double drabble)
Summary: "Lady Ishizu...will you lead us now?" Ishizu-centric genfic set immediatley post Ishtar-patricideAN: Originally posted to yugiohdrabbles

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Summer 2011: So many fics!
ancient egypt
MASSIVE CROSS-POSTING SESSION COMPLETE.  I've decided I want my LJ to be a sort of repository for all the fic I've ever written, from the 5 minute drabbles to the multi-chaps, just to keep everything organized and in one place.  This is my catchup post, for anyone interested. 

Fics for the  YuGiOh Fanfiction Contest 

Tier 1: Prideshipping (Yami Yuugi x Kaiba)
Crossing Over  

Tier 2: Angstshipping (Malik x Ryou)
Rien de Rien

Tier 3: Mystshipping (Ishizu x Anzu)

Tier 4: Wallshipping (Rishid x Shizuka)
Voices in the Dark

Tier 5a: Batteryshipping (Jounouchi x Ryou x Yami Bakura)
Falling Through Sand

Tier 5b: Staunchshipping (Honda x Kisara x Mana)
Post-Life Crisis


Roseshipping (Pegasus x Cecilia)
Kingdom by the Sea

Tendershipping (Ryou x Yami Bakura)
An Explanation of Sorts

Prideshipping (Yami Yuugi x Kaiba)
Another Pair of Eyes

Staunchshipping: Post-Life Crisis

Title: Post-Life Crisis

Rating: K

Summary: Honda is 91, Yuugi's last surviving friend, and done with adventure. A strange dream, in which the Mana and Kisara beg to be freed from the stone slabs that bind them, convinces him otherwise. For contest

Warning: Gets progressively sillier. Do not take this too seriously.

Pairing:Staunchshipping (Honda x Mana x Kisara)

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Batteryshipping: Falling Through Sand

Title: Falling Through Sand

Summary: Life is complicated when destiny runs out. Love is difficult when your soulmate isn't real. And sometimes Ryou's only wish is that everything could be a little...easier. For contest.
Rating: T
Pairing: Batteryshipping (Ryou x Bakura x Jounouchi); although really it's just Ryou x Bakura & Ryou x Jounouchi

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Wallshipping: Voices in the Dark

Title: Voices in the Dark

Summary: In which thieves are crafty, brothers are loyal, and Shizuka is braver than she knows. What if Malik had kidnapped Shizuka rather than Jou? Alternate Timeline of Battle City. Platonic Wallshipping, for contest.

Pairing: Wallshipping (Rishid x Shizuka)

Rating : T

A/N: The villains' opinions of Jounouchi do not reflect the views of the author, xD

Also there's bonus platonic Thiefshipping.

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Fic Recs!
So glad I finally have an excuse to use this icon, xD  At any rate, these are my Top Fics of the Last Few Months, and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.

Being me, they all feature Malik.  And full and fair disclosure, I beta two of them, xD (Mehet and Newlydeads)

Epic Fic Under The CutCollapse )

Mystshipping: Remains

Title: Remains

Rating: T

Pairing: Mystshipping (Anzu x Ishizu)

Summary: Ishizu's brothers are dead. If she doesn't find their bodies, they'll never reach the afterlife. And Anzu knows this because Malik told her so. Mystshipping, for contest. 10 years post-canon.

Warnings: Character death, violence

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